Furnace Maintenance

Monthly Filter Change

During cold weather when the furnace is in regular use, changing the filter at least once a month will save energy and money on your utility bill.

Annual Check-Up

Checking your furnace each fall can prevent break-downs and enhance your family’s comfort. An annual fall check-up by your heating and cooling professional is also important for safety, energy savings, and the durability of your furnace.

Your heating professional should inspect for:

  • Gas leaks
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Electrical connection issues
  • Soot build-up on burners
  • Pilot flame lighting properly
  • Gas valves operating properly
  • Proper operation of other parts of the furnace which affect safety, energy efficiency, and performance

If an Electrical Circuit Blows

Your furnace should be connected to its own dedicated circuit breaker. If your furnace blows a fuse or causes a breaker to flip off, find a good electrician to rewire it so that it is not sharing a circuit with other appliances.